Club Information

The club was formed in the season 1986/87 under the banner of Handsworth Boys with just one team with a squad of 16 competing in the Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League in the Under 10's section. There were just 16 playing members and 32 family members. The team was formed to give the opportunity for the lads in Handsworth to have a recreational outlet both playing on a Sunday and training during the week. Handsworth is a suburb in the South-east of Sheffield and is sadly lacking in quality sports facilities for the youth of the area.

It was in 1988 that a decision was made to increase the ranks of the club not just have an Under 12's but also Under 11's and 10's. This was a big step for the club but we felt the right on to give more lads to be involved in competitive football. This increased the playing members to 48 and family members to over 100.

Each year after that we have increased our sections and now have teams playing from Under 7's through to Under 16's with two Under 18s, an Under 19s and three adult sides. Also the club has girls sections at Under 9s through to Under 16s together with an Under 18s nad two senior teams. together with The club's progression has been at the forefront of the decision making of the club.

The running of the club has also progressed with a club constitution and rules put in place to structure the club and give a secure platform to develop into the millennium. Regular monthly meetings of the main committee and fund raising committee have strengthened the club bringing all the sections together through open debate.

At the beginning of the 1998/99 season the club had the opportunity in association with the Sheffield City Council to take over the running of the Olivers Mount Sports Ground, formerly known as Brown Baileys. This gave the club the chance to have a focal point with all teams playing at one location. And it was the forward thinking of the committee to see the potential of the ground that had been in decline and neglect for many years. All within the club parents and players alike gave many spare hours to make the possibility of playing at the ground a reality on the first day of the season.

Where We Play